The Missing Piece of
The Puzzle!!

“If You Have 2 Hours, You Can Learn the Secrets of How to Buy a Foreclosed Home”

New Book Reveals How Home Buyers & Investors Can
Profit from the Foreclosure Crisis …
and save thousands of dollars by preventing
some costly mistakes you will learn about in this book.

From the Desk of: Wayne Barnes

Dear Bargain Hunter,

The current foreclosure crisis has opened up an amazing opportunity for home buyers to find their dream home, or first home, at an unbelievable price. It also opens the door for real estate investors to lock in massive profits by purchasing great properties at discount.


“Prices are back to where they were in 2004.”

David M. Blitzer, Analyst,
Standard & Poor’


And the trend is predicted to continue...

As you probably already know, a record number of homes across the country went into foreclosure in 2008 and 2009 and that trend is expected to continue for the near future. All these foreclosures are creating a type of “clearance sale” for homes in the real estate market, as distressed homeowners and banks try desperately to unload properties.

Just to give you some perspective: In the United States in 2006, the percentage of houses in some stage of foreclosure was as low as .58% (about 1/2 percent). Just one year later (2007) more than 1% of all homes were in some stage of foreclosure. And some states (such as Florida) had foreclosure rates of 2% or more.

The trend continued through 2008 and early 2009, as foreclosures continued to rise. The statistics show that the number of foreclosures in 2008 jumped 112%, reaching a nationwide average of 1.8%.

In fact, some experts predict that one-quarter to one-third of all homes on the market in early 2010 will be bank-owned (REO) property. What does this mean to you? It means there will be significant opportunity in the real estate market.

"We expect that foreclosures will continue to dominate the market... and well-educated consumers will be able to find great deals on these properties.”

Rick Sharga,
Senior Vice President, RealtyTrac

But I don’t have to tell you there are great deals out there – you’ve already heard about homes selling for a fraction of what they were worth. Some homes can be purchased right now for 20%, 30%, some even 40% and more under their market value.

Pictured below is a home in a nice St. Louis, Missouri, neighborhood that was purchased for just $33,000. The monthly mortgage payment on this house is only $703 per month, for a six-year mortgage. The buyer will have this home completely paid off, free and clear, in just six short years!

The next picture is a home in the Cleveland, Ohio, area that was purchased for $40,000. The market value on this home is $114,000. That means that the foreclosure buyer bought this home for 35 cents on the dollar.

Although these deals sound fantastic and you may want to run out and grab a deal right now, you should stop and consider the following

All Foreclosures are NOT Good Deals

You Will Probably Still Overpay When Buying a Foreclosed Home if You Don’t Know What You’re Doing.

You could be stuck with Thousands of Dollars of Costly Repairs.


The point is, the foreclosure real estate market presents a great opportunity,IF you understand the “Insider” Foreclosure Secrets. Even though finding and buying a bargain basement-priced house sounds like a great idea, not everybody knows how to do it, not even all real estate agents. Unfortunately, buying a foreclosure is not as simple as buying a home traditionally and those who don't know how to buy a foreclosure are better off to avoid it.

Which brings me to the point of this letter:

I’m going to make the foreclosure buying
process a whole lot simpler for you …


First, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Wayne Barnes, and I’m a full-time, active, licensed Realtor® in Oklahoma, a state that has seen its share of foreclosures. I have been working with HUD homes, VA houses and REO properties for the last 20 years. I am listed as a "Local Real Estate Specialist" in the Agent Network on one of the primary foreclosure web sites.

I have worked with a huge number of home buyers, and lately these buyers keep bringing up the subject of foreclosures. And I continue to hear one main thing over and over.

“Can you teach me how to buy a foreclosure?”


I’ve come across people who don’t understand the foreclosure process at all. It’s easy to be confused by some of the terminology you hear. What is a “short sale?” What is a “pre-foreclosure.” Many people wouldn’t know the first place to look for a foreclosed property, let alone do proper research to make sure they buy the right one, at the right price.

Think about it: If I gave you $100,000 right now and told you to go buy a foreclosed home, would you be able to do so? Would you know how to find the right home? In an area you want to live? How to bid on it? No? Well, if you can’t figure it out with MY money, it would certainly be a much more daunting task doing it with your own money at stake!

And that’s OK. The foreclosure market has never before been a big opportunity for anybody but the bravest risk-takers, the expert flippers and the investors with the deepest pockets. That’s because, in the past, "good" foreclosures have been hard to find and were always in terrible shape.

But now with all the opportunity out there – many more homes and better quality homes – ANYBODY who’s even thinking about buying a home, for a personal residence, vacation home, rehab, “flip,” rental property, whatever, should make themselves familiar with the foreclosure market.

The brutally honest truth is that foreclosures are predicted to continue to make up a SIGNIFICANT percentage of the available homes on the market for the foreseeable future. If that’s what’s on the market, THAT’S what YOU need to know how to buy.

Which is exactly why I have helped edit a new 100+ page book …

"Foreclosure Home Buying Secrets"

This book is an easy-to-follow, "how-to" manual for foreclosure home buying. It’s a step-by-step guide for the beginner, but it’s also jam-packed with secrets and tips that not everybody is sharing, which means even experienced buyers will benefit from reading it.

In this over100-pages book, you will learn:

How the Foreclosure Process Works, the Foreclosure Process Timeline and Definitions of the Terms you need to know

Why all Foreclosures are NOT Good Deals

How to Get Distressed and Motivated Sellers to Come to YOU

The Best Time to Make an Offer on a Distressed Property, and how to Get Your Offer Accepted

How to Search the Public Records, Use an Online Service, Check Government Websites, Browse Bank and Asset-Management Websites and other methods of researching properties – must have information!

How to Properly Inspect the Property (and save thousands!)

How to Research Comparable Sales

What to Expect at a Foreclosure Auction

Everything You Need to Know about Bidding at a Foreclosure Auction (and why you might not want to!)

What Happens After You Win a Foreclosure Auction

How to Avoid Hidden Costs

What You Need to do after Closing

Everything you Need to Know about Competing with Other Buyers in the Current Market, Including how to Operate in Declining vs. Inclining Markets

What Historical Foreclosure Data Looks Like and What the Forecast Calls for in the Near Future

The Difference between Acquisition and Investment Strategies and What Approach fits YOUR personality and needs

And More!

Look, it would be great if we could all live in a gorgeous home we bought for 30%, 40%, even 50% under market value, or if we could all finally afford that vacation home or purchase rental properties that produce HUGE positive cash flow. But unless you have the right knowledge when it comes to buying foreclosures, you will more than likely pay too much or get stuck with costly repair bills. This book will give you the right knowledge.

The book is the “meat and potatoes” education you need for foreclosure buying. And if you’re serious about buying a foreclosed home, you would be crazy not to get this information immediately.

You get instant access to the book, “Foreclosure Home Buying Secrets,” for just $19.95! This book could save you thousands of dollars when you learn how to avoid some very costly mistakes.

(The information will come to you as a pdf file in an instant download so you can begin to learn the information that could save you thousands!)


YES! Wayne, I plan to buy a house so I know I need to get my own copy of

"Foreclosure Home Buying Secrets!"

I'm Clicking the Button Below and
Ordering Right Now!


(Delivery will be an instant download!!)

Finally, the missing piece of the puzzle!!.
Only $19.95.


This book is priced so low because I really want you to know the ins and outs of foreclosure home buying. I know you can find a great home by following this proven step-by-step process. I want you to get the best possible deal when buying a home!

So order your “Foreclosure Home Buying Secrets” book now …

Happy Bargain Shopping,

To Your Success,

Wayne Barnes

P.S. I should probably give you fair warning – there is information in this book that banks and other real estate agents DON’T want you to know. It’s easier for them to deal with inexperienced foreclosure buyers. But if being an educated buyer ruffles a few feathers, that’s their problem, isn’t it?!

P.P.S This information is important to ANYONE buying real estate whether foreclosure or normal, traditional market homes. The tips and tools in this book will be an invaluable education on the home buying process. Don't make a home buying mistake when you can have this information at the click of a button.

Copyright 2010 RWB Enterprises - All Rights Reserved


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